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"I have only been using it for a short time, but so far it seems better than other meeting template apps I have tried".

Laura Meyrich

New Rochelle Radiology


Laura Meyrich

New Rochelle Radiology

"I have only been using it for a short time, but so far it seems better than other meeting template apps I have tried".
"Just very impressed so far."

Daniel Mapletoft

West Auckland Parents Centre


Daniel Mapletoft

West Auckland Parents Centre

"Just very impressed so far."
"Love it".

Jo Coleman

Westleigh High School


Jo Coleman

Westleigh High School

"Love it".


of meetings
don’t have an agenda

Meetings without an agenda are known to be inefficient, and its participants are unprepared.

Minute allows all participants to collaboratively compose the agenda, and that just makes for a more efficient meeting.


billion US$ wasted on
unproductive meetings

Meetings should not take longer than needed, and should have actionable results.

Minute helps you capture decisions taken and actions defined, and ensures that you follow-up on them the next meeting.


of meeting participants don’t have up-to-date materials

We’ve all been there: Discussing a document only to find out we’ve not received the latest update.

Minute shows only one version of a meeting document – the latest one. When you update the document, everyone has the latest version.


The duration of an
average meeting

Whilst the most efficient meetings are known to take one hour or less.

Minute allows you to organise a meeting where everyone arrives well-prepared. That allows you to have less lengthy meetings, and be more efficient.

What Minute offers you

Before the meeting

  • Import meetings from your calendar into Minute
  • Invite participants and create the agenda together
  • Import and share documents from Drive, Dropbox, e-mail and more

During the meeting

  • All meeting topics and documents directly accessible to everybody
  • Work together on notes, to-do items, documents and decisions. In real time.
  • Delegate tasks to meeting participants directly

After the meeting

  • Read back all notes and to-do items on iPhone, iPad and in your browser.
  • Export topics, notes, decisions, tasks and documents to Drive, Dropbox, Evernote or e-mail.
  • Create a follow-up meeting in a snap.
Minute Meetings
Minute Meetings

All meeting information in one place

Simplicity is what Minute is all about. Whatever you need for your meeting, it’s all there on a single page

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How it all started

At Decos, we’ve looked long and hard for ways to facilitate meetings in the easiest way possible. Like how to save on paper, by creating an easy to understand digital environment. Or how we can make meetings more efficient, while at the same time using the simplest and most minimal technological tools at our disposal. How to make sure every employee is able to access all the important information out there. And how to make an app that everyone instantly understands, whether they’re using their iPhone or iPad, or just using the web.

We’ve let people from outside the company test our application, and the response we got was amazing. That’s why we made our app publicly available, so it can be used by any company or office.

Minute Team

Minute Arjan

Arjan de Ridder

Business Development

Minute Gert-Jaap

Gert-Jaap Glasbergen

Technology & Operations

Minute Hitesh

Hitesh Patadia


Minute Martijn

Martijn Aurik

Product & Community

What They Say About Us

Minute helps you make the most of your meetings by combining pre-meeting agendas and files, along with in-meeting notes and post-meeting action items.

Fastcompany Minute Meetings

Minute’s platform helps everybody in the meeting participate. If you’ve ever had to take down meeting minutes and distribute, this tool will be your new best friend.

Cove Minute Meetings

Minute syncs with your calendar and guides you in creating agendas for meetings. Take notes; capture action items from the meetings directly in the app.

Inc Minute Meetings
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